Pumpkin Butter & Maple Glazed Ham Steak


November 6, 2015

This Pumpkin Butter & Maple Glazed Ham Steak will make the perfect combination at your next holiday party. Pumpkin Butter can go with more than your Ham Steak. Try it swirled in vanilla yogurt or make it into whipped pumpkin butter. Whipped Pumpkin Butter is a sweet and creamy spread that will make any pancake, biscuit, or roll taste amazing. Watch Becky make this recipe on Studio 5


Pumpkin Butter:

4 cups pumpkin puree

2 cups brown sugar

1 ¼ cups real maple syrup, divided

1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice*

Pinch of salt

Ham Steak:

1 cup real butter, softened

1-2 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 ½ pound cooked ham steak


Pumpkin Butter

Combine pumpkin puree, brown sugar, 1-cup maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice and salt in a 6-8 quart crockpot (for stovetop directions see below). Cover and cook on high 2 hours, stirring once or twice (will evenly heat mixture). Remove lid and continue to cook 2-3 more hours or until desired consistency is reached. Stir more frequently to prevent scorching, evenly mix and allow steam to escape from the crockpot. Spoon finished product into containers, cool and store in refrigerator. Makes about 4 cups spread, use ½-cup for whipped butter below, use the remainder as a spread.

Maple Glazed Ham Steak

Stir together ¼-cup maple syrup with mustard. Cut ham steak into serving sizes. Brush one side with glaze; place, glaze side down, in hot skillet, brush top of steaks with glaze. Pan fry until lightly browned on one side (2-4 minutes), turn and brown opposite side. Meat is cooked, it only needs to be heated through, be careful not to overcook and dry out. Place steaks on serving plates, brush with additional glaze to moisten. Serve with a dollop Pumpkin Butter. Prepare Whipped Pumpkin Butter and spread on muffins or biscuits on the side.

Whipped Pumpkin Butter

Whip 1-cup softened real butter on high until light and fluffy (about 5 minutes). Add ½-cup Pumpkin Butter and whip. May add additional pumpkin pie spice to taste or sprinkle spice over the top. Spread on toast, muffins, bagels and lightly on pan fried ham or pork chops.

Pumpkin butter is excellent swirled in plain or vanilla yogurt; spread muffins and biscuits with butter or cream cheese then smear on pumpkin butter, Include a generous dollop with glazed ham, as we have done with this recipe.

* Pumpkin Pie Spice may be replaced with 1 ½-teaspoons ground cinnamon, ½-teaspoon ground nutmeg,¼-teaspoon ground cloves, ½-teaspoon ground ginger.

**Pumpkin butter may be cooked on stove top - but a heavy pan is needed and frequent stirring on low heat for 30 minutes. Be cautious of hot pumpkin popping and splattering! For these reasons I prefer the crockpot method.


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