Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream


June 30, 2018

Vanilla Ice Cream is by far the most popular ice cream flavor sold in the United States, and who can resist the tried and true Old Fashioned Ice Cream? Enjoy, or take this basic ice cream recipe and create Classic Chocolate, or Strawberry, or Chili Chocolate Chip, or Curry Mint, or Buffalo Wing, or Black Licorice, or ... the choice is up to you. Choose a link and create a masterpiece.

  • Yields: 1 1/2 quarts, about 6-8 servings


8 egg yolks (or 4 large eggs)*

⅓ cup light corn syrup**

1 cup whole milk

⅔ cup sugar

Pinch kosher salt

2 cups whipping cream

1 tablespoon vanilla extract


Beat egg yolks and corn syrup until light and lemon colored; set aside.

Combine milk, sugar and salt in heavy bottom saucepan. Place pan over medium heat; stir until sugar is dissolved and milk becomes steamy (almost to a boil, about 4-6 minutes). Remove from heat. While stirring egg yolks, pour a thin stream of hot milk into eggs to temper them (about ½ cup hot mixture). Gradually whisk tempered eggs back into the pan with remaining milk. Return pan to medium heat and continue to stir and cook an additional 3-5 minutes or until mixture slightly thickens (coats the back of a spoon; reaches 170 degrees temperature). Do not let the custard boil or the eggs will scramble. Remove from heat.

Add cream and vanilla. Pour into a large bowl or other container to cool completely (4-24 hours).

Place in ice cream freezer and freeze according to manufacturer’s directions. When frozen, scoop into a well chilled container and place in freezer 2 hours to cure (if you can wait that long - if you can’t wait, serve as soft serve ice cream).

* Why Egg Yolks? Egg yolks help create a smoother, creamier, richer ice cream texture with less ice crystals. Whole eggs may be substituted. Eggs may be entirely left out of recipe. Simply combine milk and sugar, stir until sugar is dissolved. Add corn syrup, cream and pinch of salt. Continue will recipe above or variations below.

** Why Corn Syrup? Corn syrup adds to the creamy texture and helps prevent ice crystals from forming. Also creates a softer frozen ice cream. Corn syrup may be replaced with ⅓-cup sugar. Add the sugar with the rest of the sugar in the recipe.

Freezing the ice cream quickly will help prevent ice crystals and create a smoother creamier texture. Have all ingredients very cold before freezing.

TIP - To hasten the freezing, place approximately 1-cup liquid custard in a small bowl and freeze while the remainder of the custard is chilling. When ready to freeze, remove the 1-cup frozen custard and stir into chilled custard (stir and smash to break up the frozen mixture into the larger bowl). Place in ice cream freezer and freeze according to manufacturer's directions.


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