Irish Potato Pancake
Irish Potato Pancake

“Boxty” (Irish Potato Pancake)


March 11, 2016

Boxty is a finely grated Irish potato pancake fried in butter sometimes called “poundies,” “potato bread,” or “poundy”. You will now find Boxty in all its variations, in shops and restaurant menus throughout Ireland and beyond. Perfect not only for St. Patrick’s Day, but also breakfast, lunch, super, or a snack! It even has a fun Irish Rhyme: “Boxty on the griddle, Boxty in the pan. If you can’t make Boxty, you’ll never get your man”

  • Yields: 4-8 Servings


1 ½ cups mashed potatoes (about 2 medium potatoes)

1 ½ cups finely grated raw potatoes (about 2 medium)

1 ½ cups flour

1 ½ teaspoons salt (to taste)

pepper to taste

1-1 ½ cups milk or buttermilk, more for thinner pancake

4 tablespoons butter


If needed peel, cube, boil and mash potatoes. Leftover mashed potatoes or peeled baked potatoes work great; you may even substitute prepared instant mashed potatoes. Place mashed potatoes in mixing bowl.

Peel and finely grate potatoes. Place potatoes in a strainer or cheesecloth, squeeze to remove excess liquid (may also press firmly with paper towels); may also rinse with water and drain. Add to mashed potatoes and mix. Stir in flour, salt and pepper. Begin by adding 1-cup milk or buttermilk and mix well. Add additional milk to create desired consistency.

Fry or medium to low heat, like pancakes in butter on a hot griddle until well browned and grated. (*See below for variations.)

Butter and serve warm. May sprinkle with sugar or serve with jam. Also excellent served with savor ingredients folded inside - such as corned beef and cabbage, spread with a little mustard and horseradish.

Boxty Variations:

Traditionally Boxy is fried in butter on a griddle, but it may be baked in the oven or boiled like dumplings. There are three different methods to making Boxty:


  1. Baked Pour the batter into a skillet and slowly cook on the stove top, turning once to brown both sides. I have used a cast iron skillet, very well buttered, cooked partially on stove top, then transferred to 375 degree oven. This method makes a heavy dense bread. Cut into wedges like cornbread to serve. Key to this method is the low heat and a heavy pan.

  3. Fried - The batter may be fried on a griddle in smaller pancakes. The simple method is frying them in smaller pancakes on a griddle. Great with jam and sugar
  4. Fried like a Crepe - Thin the batter with additional milk or buttermilk and fry in butter like a large pancake,  crepe or wrap, buttered with or without jam; savory or traditional. This is my favorite way to fry Boxty. Great served with savory ingredients!

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