Fuel Greatness

Fuel Greatness

Replenish With Chocolate Milk

What is it?

Dairy West is pleased to provide the Replenish with Chocolate Milk Grant Program. Research supports that drinking milk can be an effective way to help the body refuel and recover after exercise. Chocolate milk is the ideal post-workout beverage with the appropriate ratio of carbohydrate to protein to Refuel. Rebuild. And Recover.

Why should I apply?

Foods and beverages that teens, athletes in particular, choose to consume are very important.  Healthy refueling can help improve performance and endurance, as well as prevent dehydration, fatigue, and injury. Chocolate milk is the nutrient-rich after sports beverage that’s convenient, cost-effective, and a delicious way to help your athletes perform their best.

Who is eligible? 

Any public, charter, or private high-school athletic director in Utah; who advocates for chocolate milk as the recovery beverage for their student athletes. An athletic director may enroll for more than one high-school; however, only one grant will be awarded to each school.


What are the Requirements?

  • Complete the online enrollment information prior to September 20, 2019 deadline
  • Share nutrition education resources, provided by Dairy West, with your athletes and their parents.
  • Add chocolate milk web banner, provided by Dairy West, on your athletic web page.
  • Announce chocolate milk is provided to athletes by Utah’s dairy farm families at sporting events.
  • Provide Dairy West photos and success stories, as requested.


How will chocolate milk be awarded?

This program is open to all Utah high-school athletic programs. Recipients of “Replenish with Chocolate Milk” will be provided chocolate milk in quantities dependent upon their school classification. Once enrollment is submitted with pre-determined weekly schedule selected for milk deliveries—there will be no alterations made to the schedule selected.

This program is made possible by Dairy West through funding from Utah and Idaho’s dairy farm families


Please contact Martin with any questions about the program.

How do you fuel your body for top performance? Dairy products provide the nutrients, hydration, protein and carbohydrates to keep achieving your nutrition goals. Whether you are a star athlete, or just starting out on your healthy lifestyle journey – dairy will help define what success means to you.

STEP 1: Stay Active! Find something you enjoy and move for at least 60 minutes each day.

STEP 2: Fueling your body matters. Prepare each day with a balanced breakfast which includes protein. After a work-out enjoy a chocolate milk or a whip up a protein-packed smoothie! Three servings of dairy each day can get you on the right track to fueling for performance.

STEP 3: Repeat 4-5 days a week ensuring rest days between strenuous work-outs to give your body a chance to recover.

Want to learn more about how dairy can fuel your performance? Ask one of our dietitians. Looking for some recipes to work into your menu planning? Visit our Recipes page.


Educating student athletes about good nutrition comes from coaches, teachers and at home. Dairy West is proud to work with both the Idaho and Utah High School Activities Associations to provide chocolate milk at state tournaments and serve as a credible source of nutrition information.