Farm Tour


WSU Farm Tour Jan 2015

Why Do Farm Tours?

Farm Tours are a great way to expose your local community to the world of agriculture and introduce them to the work you do as dairymen and women. There is nothing like first hand experience!

Work with your local staff to organize a tour – Contact Kristi

Helpful Materials:

Materials Available – Contact Debbie | 801.487.9976:

  • Cow Glasses
  • Bookmarks
  • Coloring Books
  • Shirts, hats, sweatshirts (limited quantity)



 We are trying to capture the reach and impact tours are having across the country.

If you are currently offering tours on your dairy, please let us know!

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How did this experience change your perspective of dairy products?

of dairy farming?

  • More Positive View of Dairy Products/Farming

  • No change in Perspective

  • More Negative View of Dairy Products/Farming

What is your key take away from this experience?

It is very important to experience how your food is being obtained and processed to gain respect of the work that is required to produce and reduce the wasting of food.

All milk is antibiotic free and hormones aren't a big concern.

The nutritionist calmed my fears from documents that put farms in a poor light.

How science/technology makes families safer, more efficient, and brings good food to more people.