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How do you keep the cows comfortable in the summer heat?

What do you do to ensure udder health?

How do you identify cows?



Cows or Bull?

Some of you appear to have problems understanding the whole “dairy” thing, I can help.   Let’s start with the basics. The cow is the female, the bull is the male.  Cow = female, bull =male.  Don’t confuse yourself with the male and female ends…

It’s not just about farming – it’s about family

Did you know that 95% of U.S. dairy farms are family owned and operated?

2018 Idaho Dairy Hall of Fame inductee Brent Jackson

Congratulations to Brent Jackson for his induction into the Idaho Dairy Hall of Fame.

The Idaho Dairy Diva

Congratulations to Jessica Machado aka “The Idaho Dairy Diva” for winning this year’s “Telling Your Story” award! Please follow her at @theidahodairydiva on Instagram for some amazing photos from Machado Dairy in Buhl, Idaho.


A Local Farm

Maria Nye - Utah Dairy Farmer

``It was great to see the process of making dairy products from farm to finished product. This can help me to keep customers more informed.``

– Lee’s Marketplace Employee

``It's enlightening to meet the people who make your food.``

– Utah Chef

This took a lot of the mystery and stigma away for me.

– Real Food Rising, Student

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