Dairy West

What’s it Like?

Dairy West represents dairy farmers. We believe in the same grit and determination they do. Hard work and great reward is what drives members of Dairy West to explore new marketing and promotional opportunities for the dairy industry. With a geographical footprint which represents Idaho and Utah, our reach is far greater as we join local, national and global partners to find markets for dairy products at home and overseas. We are fast paced…evolving…growing… discovering – which all adds up to a pretty exciting place to be.

The Paint Mixer

Our Mission:

At Dairy West, we are passionate about the work we do on behalf of Dairy Farmers.

Our mission is to create a world where farmers and the dairy industry prosper and, together, build healthy communities around the globe. Our team is currently 20 strong and growing. Click here to learn more about who makes up the Dairy West team (our staff and board members).

Generally, the work that we do falls into two primary categories – those programs, events and relationships that Build Trust in dairy farming and dairy products and those that Build Demand for dairy products.


Our Values:

Trust | Action | Stewardship

We believe that in order to do great work, it is essential to build trust – with each other, our farmers, our partners and the broader community.

In order to make an impact, we must take action. Our partnerships and programs are built on internal & external collaboration. We believe in engaging our community in positive, meaningful ways that make a difference.

Just as our farmers are stewards of their land and animals, we take oversight of the farmer investment seriously and pledge to make decisions that will drive the most value.

Our Work:

At Dairy West we believe in building partnerships, putting on events, and organizing programs to help achieve our mission. We also believe in employee development and optimization. Our team and work is divided into:

Innovation Partnerships:

Work with industry and community partners to build demand for dairy products, prioritize dairy research, and identify opportunities for workforce development. To achieve these goals we work with Dairy processors, Universities, and grocery stores. In this area we are focused on solving challenges related to hunger and helping retailers better understand dairy.


Our Marketing team encompasses the work we do in communications (internal and external), farmer relations, and health and wellness. It is here that we focus on building trust through masterful communication and impactful programs.

Employee Engagement and Development

Developing our team is a top priority at Dairy West. We have a full time staff person dedicated to improving internal processes and identifying ways that our culture, our leadership skills, and our engagement can continuously improve.

Finance & Operations

No organization is complete without a team dedicated to the inner workings of the business. Our finance/operations team is engaged with all employees and focused on optimizing our processes to truly steward our dairy farmer investment.


Health & Wellness Coordinator

Dairy West works on behalf of Idaho and Utah’s dairy farm families and is responsible for inspiring trust in dairy farming and dairy foods while helping build demand for high-quality, nutrient-rich dairy products locally, nationally, and globally. In everything we do, we uphold our Core Values of Trust, Action, and Stewardship.

Dairy West’s Mission is to create a world where farmers and the dairy industry prosper and, together, build healthy communities around the globe.

We are currently seeking a Health & Wellness Coordinator who will serve a key role in helping meet our objectives and fulfill the organization’s mission. Responsibilities for the Health & Wellness Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating logistics and providing communication for Dairy West’s involvement in High School Sports programs and initiatives
  • Representing Dairy West at High School State Tournaments, including milk distribution, partner engagement, and promotion activities
  • Assisting with gathering and reviewing program data
  • Planning and implementing other Dairy West Programs and Events

This is a full-time, non-exempt position based in Dairy West’s Draper, UT office. The primary responsibility for this position is to support Dairy West’s involvement in High School Sports initiatives. This is a 40 hour a week position. The structure of hours will vary depending on the time of year. During peak sports seasons (October, November, February, May), this position’s schedule will be concentrated to afternoons, evenings and Saturdays. During other months, it will be a more traditional Monday through Friday schedule. This position regularly requires lifting and moving dairy products to events. Given the nature of Dairy West’s work, this position may occasionally include some in-state and out-of-state travel.

Salary will be determined dependent on experience and full benefits will be offered. This position requires a bachelor’s degree or minimum High School Diploma plus three years of experience in a field that would support the responsibilities of the position. This role reports to the Vice President of Health & Wellness.

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Please submit cover letter, three references with contact information and resume to info@dairywest.com For questions, please contact Heidi Martin, VP Health & Wellness, at 208-810-7558.

Deadline is December 23, 2019