Korn Dairy named DFA Member of Distinction


KANSAS CITY, Kan. (March 20, 2019) – The Korn family, owners of Korn Dairy in Terreton, Idaho, has been named among the 2019 Members of Distinction by Dairy Farmers of America (DFA).


The Members of Distinction program recognizes dairy farmers who excel on their operations, in their communities and in the industry. Honorees inspire others through their actions, leadership and involvement. They represent the best of the dairy industry.


DFA comprises nearly 14,000 farmer-owners across the United States. Each year, one notable member farm from each of DFA’s seven regional Areas is selected to receive this honor. Korn Dairy represents the Cooperative’s Mountain Area.


For Richard and Kim Korn, providing top-notch cow care for their herd of 90 Holstein and Brown Swiss cows is a top priority. As a third-generation dairy farmer, Richard has instilled this philosophy of treating each cow as an individual to his children, David and Becky, along with their son-in-law Brian and grandson Boden.


“Cow care on our dairy is very important,” says David. “If the cows aren’t healthy and producing like they should, it’s not doing us any good. It’s important to have good, healthy and fit cows.”


The Korn family also utilizes technology to help keep track of each cow and has recently implemented GPS trackers to help monitor cow movement and breeding cycles.


“We use the CowScout program to monitor activities in all the breeding-age heifers,” says Becky. “Once they transition into the milking herd, the cows continue to wear those trackers, and my brother has all the records on his phone, so he can tell you anything you need to know about a certain cow.”


Through hard work, commitment to each other and dedication to their herd, the Korn family is continuing a legacy of making cow care a top priority.


“We’re truly honored and humbled to receive this award,” says Kim. “Dairy farming is a good life. It’s hard work – 365 days a year, but working with our family is the best.”


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