Utah dairy farmers: It is time to register for FUSION!

2018 Utah Dairy Convention

The conference will take place in St. George, UT and kick off the evening of February 6th with a dairy dinner/awards night and conclude at noon on Friday, February 8th.  In addition to a lineup of great keynote speakers and a strong trade show, there will be dairy specific breakout sessions that you don’t want to miss.


How to Register:

**Please register by January 14th**

  1. Click on this link: https://2019utahfusionagconference.eventbrite.com
  2. Click the green “Tickets” button
  3. Click “Enter Promotional Code” (upper right corner) and enter: Dairy19 (this will get you free entrance to the meeting – there is no cost to attend as a dairy farmer!)
  4. Choose the number of people you are registering for General Admission
  5. Answer the questions to complete the registration


Note: Interested Trade Show Vendors should register here: https://utahagexpo.eventbrite.com


Hotel Information:

In the link above, you will see information about booking your hotel. You can also use the links below.

**Please book your hotel by January 7th**

If you are a current board member/Dairy West Ambassador (Utah Dairy Commission, Dairy Producers of Utah, Dairy West, IDPC or IDA), we will book your room for you. Simply indicate that you are a board member when you are completing the registration.




Historically, Utah dairy farmers who have attended complete a pink slip at convention to have a portion of their hotel costs reimbursed. This year, in an effort to be consistent as an Idaho-Utah region, we will be handling things a bit differently. All producers who register by January 14th will receive a $200 reimbursement. Registrations that come in between January 15th and January 30th will receive $100 reimbursement. Please note that there is just 1 reimbursement per dairy permit. If you have multiple families attending attached to the same dairy, there will be a single reimbursement. You will receive your reimbursement upon registration at FUSION.

Please note: Board Members/Ambassadors will receive reimbursement separately, so your per permit reimbursement can be used for other family members.


About the Conference:

The FUSION conference unites Utah agriculture leaders together as ambassadors for the industry. Walk away from the conference empowered with tools, strategies and motivation to be an effective advocate.

The FUSION Ag Trade Show is the largest agricultural show in Utah. The trade show will introduce you to the latest equipment, technology, products, services and ideas in the agriculture industry. It also provides vendors the opportunity to interact with agriculture producers from the hay, pork, dairy, beef, turf, and fruit industries.

This year’s lineup promises great speakers and breakout sessions that will connect farmers and ranchers from around the state. Make plans to attend this fun, engaging and collaborative ag conference!

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