Team Chocolate Milk – Javier Vilchis

Javier Vilchis

Meet Javier Vilchis, our fourth and final Team Chocolate Milk Athlete! Javier will be competing in the upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon on November 12th. Since 1998, this event has made running fun by infusing the course with live bands and cheer teams to create a block-party atmosphere for both participants and spectators. Read on to learn more about what motivates Javier, his personal goals for 2018 and one of his favorite post-race meals.


Was there anything in particular that got you into running?

Javier was a runner in high school, but had shifted more toward lifting heavy weights prior to starting his running career 7 years ago. When asked what made him turn back to running, he shared a story of a night out dancing with his wife where he was not able to lift his arm to spin her as his shoulder muscles were so big! He said this made him realize he wanted to change his way of life, and with the support of his wife he did just that.


How did you feel after your first marathon?

He recalled his feelings from his first marathon, noting the excitement and anticipation before the race … and then the wall he hit at mile 22. Javier called his wife and said he was not doing well and to come pick him up. She told him, “You get your butt over here. I’ve been waiting for you and you’re not going to quit!” Three days after that race, he signed up for his second marathon. His wife has been by his side ever since, and has been an instrumental crew member with her background in physical therapy.


When do you typically train?

Javier runs twice per day, with a run in the morning and another training run in the evening. On Mondays and Wednesdays he helps out with the local running club he is involved in, so he is doing three runs on those days.


Who is someone that inspires you?

Javier notes two fellow runners that he trains with that have helped to both inspire him and keep him motivated. The first, Nicole, he says is “the most humble person I have ever met.” She is a 100-miler American record holder, and he talks of her amazing resilience and commitment to her passion despite dealing with a number of personal struggles.

Rick Simonson, whom Javier describes as the “Dad” of the group, is one of the oldest that he runs with. He adds that he feels very fortunate to be able to run, and hopes he can continue to do so as he gets older as Rick has done.


If you could race anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. It is a 104.2 mile route that passes through France, Italy and Switzerland, with over 31,000 feet of elevation gain. There is a point system to qualify for the race, and Javier is on target to qualify for the 2018 event registration.

As part of his journey in preparing for this event, Javier is also planning to complete the Leadville 100 in Colorado in under 24 hours.


Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas


Is there any particular reason you choose to participate in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas?

Javier looks forward to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas as it gives he and his wife an opportunity to go back to where they got married, allowing them to both reminisce and make new memories each time.


What is your favorite post-race meal?

A homemade, grilled, 3-cheese sandwich with tomato bisque soup. He typically uses pepper jack, American white and cheddar cheeses. Sometimes, he will even soften some queso fresco on the stove and add that as well.


What is a favorite hobby (outside of running)?

Javier is a gamer! Two of his favorite Xbox games are Destiny and Overwatch.


What is your favorite thing about chocolate milk?

“It is my go-to recovery drink. I hit a plateau after about 2.5 years of running, and realized I needed to figure out my nutrition.” Javier started experimenting with various things, one of those being returning to a vegetarian diet and eating very clean. After still feeling depleted, and hearing of chocolate milk for a recovery drink, he started using it and noticed a definite change in feeling better and seeing improvements. He has been using chocolate milk as a recovery drink for 4-5 years now, and adds that it will always be a part of his nutrition regimen.


We are excited and proud to have Javier as a Team Chocolate Milk member. Be sure to follow Javier as he competes in the upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and as he works toward his goal to compete in the UTMB 2018. We will be cheering him on and will congratulate him with a cool, refreshing chocolate milk at the finish line!



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