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Andrew Rich Rock 'n' Roll

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Since 1998, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has made running fun by infusing the course with live bands, cheer teams, and creating a block-party atmosphere for participants and spectators. As the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Las Vegas, Nevada approaches we are excited to feature four of the Built With Chocolate Milk athletes who will be competing!

These four athletes on Team Chocolate Milk share two common passions, competing and chocolate milk. However, we wanted to get know each of them a bit better, so we will be featuring a new athlete each week to learn about their accomplishments, quirky traits, and reasons behind their training. Our first Built With Chocolate Milk Athlete is Andrew Rich, read on to learn more!

Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas

Meet Andrew Rich

Andrew is a seasoned runner who does it all – triathlons, marathons, and Ironman races. This will be Andrew’s fifth consecutive year running the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and he states, “It’s a fantastically fun event, from the entertainment to the high level of energy from competitors and spectators, to just the feeling of running down the Strip at night.”

One of Andrew’s greatest athletic achievements was the 2016 Pikes Peak Ascent – 13.32 miles, 7,815′ straight up. Pikes Peak is one of the tallest mountains in the continental US at over 14,000 feet. Andrew completed a half marathon from Manitou Springs to the summit, it was one of his most difficult races, and he finished.

Andrew Rich

Andrew spends the majority of his time training, but if he does have a few spare moments you may find him playing around with technology, as he is a software engineer by trade, and will occasionally work on personal coding projects at home. Or, if you’re really lucky, you may get the chance to hear him perform. When asked his hidden talent he stated, “I’m not a half-bad karaoke singer.”

Andrew is also a self-proclaimed enthusiastic eater. His absolute favorite meal is a sandwich – any kind will do. Most recently it’s been a southern fried chicken sandwich with pickles and spicy aioli. His passion for eating is one of the motivators that gets him running. In the last three years Andrew has lost around 70 pounds and wants to keep it off. When describing his other motivation to run he states:

“I run for the feeling I get when my legs are warmed up, my head is in the right space, my hydration and fueling are on point,
the exact right song comes on and I feel like I can go forever.”

Andrew Rich Team Chocolate Milk

 Team Chocolate Milk

When it comes to chocolate milk Andrew takes flavor seriously. He describes he loves the taste of good chocolate milk, and even has his favorite brands for that perfect refreshing taste after a good, hard work out.

Be sure to follow Andrew as he competes in the upcoming Rock ‘N Roll Marathon. We will be cheering him on and ready to congratulate him with a cool, refreshing chocolate milk at the finish line!

Good luck Andrew!

Andrew Rich Team Chocolate Milk

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