10 Must-Try Campfire Meals

Campfire Meals

With August underway and summer winding down, camping season is slowly approaching an end. The nights of star gazing, campfire stories, meals cooked over the fire, and adventures with family and friends will be cherished until next summer rolls back around. However, you still have time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors in its best form! And just like at home, campfire cooking and meal time brings everyone together. To help you enjoy your last few camping excursions and maybe add something new to your menu, we have rounded up the top ten best campfire meals for you to try. We’ve got them all covered: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course – dessert! Regardless of the cooking equipment you have on hand, whether it be a Dutch oven, skillet, foil, or simply a stick, no worries, we have a recipe for you! Check out the recipes below and get cook’n! And of course, happy camping!

Campfire Breakfasts:

1. Mason Jar Campfire Pancakes:

Who could resist a warm stack of buttermilk pancakes on a cool, crisp camping morning? With this recipe, there’s not need to! You can be flipping flapjacks in no time with this prep-ahead mason jar mix made from scratch. Simply combine the ingredients in advance and pour in a skillet over the fire. Don’t forget the maple syrup!


Campfire Pancakes

 2. Oatmeal:

This is a staple meal whether in the woods or at home! It’s also packed with nutrients to be sure to keep you going throughout the day, so let the exploring and adventures continue! This super easy recipe provides you with the basics, and then feel free to jazz it up by adding your favorite ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and spices!

Camping Oatmeal

3. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls:

If you really want to go all out, try these Campfire Cinnamon Rolls! The smell of warm cinnamon rolls baking over the fire and melty cream cheese frosting will have the whole gang up and ready for the day! This prep-ahead recipe makes for quick preparation and cooking, hot and ready to serve in under ten minutes – but beware, they will be gone just as fast as they were made!


Campfire cinnamon rolls

Campfire Lunch & Dinner:

4. Pie Iron Tasty Tacos (or Queso!):

Get festive while camping with this Mexican favorite! Delicious personalized pie-style tacos filled with warm, gooey shredded cheese and fun for the whole family to make. Add some chips and salsa and enjoy the fiesta!

Pie Iron Taco

 5. Dutch Oven Chicken and Potatoes:

Looking for a hearty meal that will be sure to fill the stomachs of all? Then this one’s for you! From one from our very own dairy farmer’s recipe book, this Dutch Oven Chicken and Potatoes will surely do the trick. Packed with delicious vegetables and savory protein, it will satisfy the most ravenous of campers!

Dutch Oven Chicken

 6. Campfire Pizza:

A warm slice of pizza topped with melty cheese always hits the spot! This campfire pizza recipe is a real crowd pleaser, and not to mention easy as pie! Simply roll out the dough, throw on the toppings, bake over the fire, and grab a slice (or two)! If you’re really feeling adventurous, feel free to make your own dough from scratch – find a great recipe HERE.

Campfire Pizza


7. Cheesy Ranch Chicken Foil Packets:

Cheese and ranch, must we say more? This recipe is all about the sauce – creamy ranch and parmesan cheese tenderize the meat and add a whole lot of flavor to those veggies! Not only does this combine some of the most heavenly ingredients, it’s also super simple! All you need is tin foil, a hot fire, and wa-lah – you have a mouth-watering meal and no mess! And if you’re looking for more of a Southwestern flavor check out this recipe!


Chicken Foil Packet

Campfire Desserts:

8. S’mores:

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good s’more just as much as the next person, but don’t settle for the typical marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker, turn this campfire classic into something new and adventurous! Check out this list with 12 creative twists on the classic s’more. And just as a teaser, you will find ingredients such as bacon, peanut butter, mozzarella, and caramel – again, need we say more? S’more Please!


Creative S'more

9. Campfire Baked Bananas:

Take dessert to a whole new level, banana split style! The possibilities with this one are endless – sprinkles, mini marshmallows, chocolate, peanut butter, cereal, nuts, anything goes! Throw in your toppings of choice, wrap it up in foil, throw it on the fire, enjoy the ooey goodness, and go bananas!


Campfire Bananas

10. Campfire Cones:

What better way to use a waffle cone if ice cream isn’t available? This delicious and fun campfire cone can be personalized and packed to the brim with your fillings of choice! Wrap it in foil, warm it over the fire, and enjoy a warm, gooey treat with an extra crunch!


Campfire Cones

For additional dessert ideas, check out our “Top 10 Campfire Treats” Post.

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