Part 2 | Protein Throughout the Day

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It’s not out of the norm for many of us to sit down to dinner and enjoy a burger, chicken, or steak. Many Americans focus on dinner as a hearty meal that is typically packed with protein of all varieties. However, what about the rest of the day? Can the same thing be said for our breakfast, lunch, and snacks? Although most of us are consuming enough protein, many are not consuming it in appropriate amounts spread throughout the day. Rather we are back loading our protein intake, and the majority of our protein comes at the end of the day when we finally sit down for dinner.  Spreading our protein intake throughout the day is important for optimal muscle maintenance and growth. Achieving this can be done by simply adding protein-rich foods into your diet throughout the day, with dairy being a protein-packed and versatile option.


Dairy is a great way to add a boost of protein to your meals and snacks. It is a complete source of protein that will help your body build and maintain lean tissue as well as keep your hunger levels in check. Since everyone has different food and flavor preferences when it comes to dairy, we’ve organized our recommendations based on which dairy product you may love most. Check out some of these ideas to incorporate a little extra protein into your daily routine!


I’m all about Milk:

Breakfast: Use milk instead of water to make your oatmeal, this will not only add flavor but nutrients too!

Lunch: Instead of juice or soda, try a glass of milk with your meal.

Snack: A quick bowl of cereal and ice cold milk sometimes hits the spot.




I prefer Yogurt:

Breakfast: Overnight Oats is a quick, easy, and delicious breakfast on the go!

Lunch: Swap out certain salad dressings and mayo for Greek yogurt, you still get the creamy, rich texture but with a little extra protein! Find other great swap ideas here!

Snack: Try a bowl of yogurt topped with some fruit and granola to add a bit of crunch!



Cheese – yes, please!

Breakfast: Top your egg sandwich with a melty slice of cheddar.

Lunch: Sprinkle on a salad or simply throw a slice on your sandwich to add some flavor.

Snack: String cheese and a piece of fruit is a perfect sweet & salty snack on-the-go.



Cottage Cheese – totally a fan!

Breakfast: Mix it in a parfait or get creative and use it as a substitute in waffle recipes.

Lunch: Add to a salad or sandwich or simply enjoy it as a side dish.

Snack: A bowl of cottage cheese topped with some fruit such as peaches or strawberries makes for a sweet & savory treat.

Check out this website for some awesome ways to use cottage cheese!



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