Meet Your Local Dairy Farmers

Holt Dairy Farm

In an era when we find foods from across the globe lining our grocery shelves and dotting our produce aisles, milk remains a local staple. Most of the fluid milk you see in the dairy case of your neighborhood supermarket comes from a local dairy farm. Currently, Utah boasts just under 200 dairy farms, all family owned and operated except for two – the LDS church dairy and USU’s Caine Dairy. Dairy Farming is more than just a profession, it’s a way of life, and getting to know the people behind your food can give you insight into why they do what they do.

Milk Facts:

• It takes an average of 48 hours for milk to make it from the cow to the dairy case at your local grocer.

• Today’s dairy cows produce an average of about 8 gallons of milk per day

• Milk travels an average of 150 miles from farm to store

Brad Wiser Utah Dairy Farmer

Brad Wiser – Lewiston, UT. “My favorite part of being on the farm is being able to be my own boss, working with my family, watching my kids grow up, just being able to work outside, watch things grow, be able to take care of animals.”


Utah Dairy Farmer

Bruce Clark – Morgan, UT
“Why do I farm? I guess it’s the love of the environment and atmosphere that I grew up in, that wanted me to provide that same atmosphere for my children.”


Utah Dairy Farmer

Mark Gibbons – Lewiston, UT
“I was born on this farm, on this dairy, and I loved it since I was a young man – just a kid. It’s what we’ve done all our life; it’s been a great life growing up here. I love to go out on the ground to walk thru the crops, through the new-planted fields and watch things grow. I love to watch the cows grow, to see the health and the renewal of everything from baby calves on up to the mother cows.”


Smith Family Dairy Farm

Oralie Smith (and her kids) – Lewiston, UT
“I like that my kids have their life out the back door. They work, they have fun, their hobbies are out there. In fact, they are very rarely in the house! They are always outside. We like that.”


Harry Papageorge Utah dairy farmer

Harry Papageorge – Ogden, UT
“I love farming because I love animals. I like the independence. I have done it my whole life. I enjoy it and will continue to as long as I’m healthy enough.


Utah Dairy Farmer

Chace Fullmer – Richfield, UT
“From a young age, growing up, this has just been a passion I’ve always had. I’ve had a love for animals, I’ve had almost every animal you can imagine. I started with the cows, I was about 7 when I started having my first big responsibilities. Taking care of the baby calves was my first job.”


Utah Dairy Farmer

Kimball Holt – Newcastle, UT
“I really like coming and having a challenge everyday.”

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