Utah Dairy Wins Sustainability Award

Batemans Mosida Farms Sustainability Award

Dairy month is about celebrating all things dairy – from what happens on the farm, to the yumminess we enjoy everyday to the future of dairy farming. This year as part of our celebration, we are proud of Utah’s largest dairy farm and their recent U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award.

For the past 5 years, The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has recognized exceptional dairy farms and dairy-related businesses for their sustainability practices – work that positively impacts the health and well-being of consumers, communities, animals and the environment.

This year, Utah received its first award when Bateman’s Mosida Farms was recognized in the category of “Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability” for their continuous improvement efforts in the areas of environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

What sustainability means at Bateman’s Mosida Farms:

The Bateman’s have been dairy farming in Utah since before Utah was a state, and their farm has grown from a handful of cows to what is now the largest dairy in Utah with 7,000 milking cows.

What’s their secret? 

It’s all about the cows. Along with their father, four Bateman brothers currently own, operate and manage Bateman’s Mosida Farms, in Elberta. Instilled in each of them and something that they pass along to all of their employees is the importance of each individual cow. By taking care of the cows, they can produce a consistent high quality milk product.

Bateman's Jersey CowsAs part of their commitment to learning from others and sharing what they learn, the Bateman family works closely with their veterinarian and conservation experts, and they regularly host busloads of people who are curious about what modern dairy farming looks like. Here’s what they have been showing visitors recently:

Petting Calves - New Maternity BarnCalf Care: Raising healthy calves is essential to life on a dairy farm since these animals represent the future of the dairy. The Batemans recently built a state-of-the-art, enclosed and temperature-controlled maternity barn that has improved the health of calves and mothers and reduced calf mortality.

Poop Management: In addition to nutritious milk, cows make a lot of poop! Managing manure in an effective way is crucial to maintaining healthy land and animals. The Batemans have developed a system that serves the dual role of processing manure for use as fertilizer while also reclaiming and cleaning sand as bedding for the cows. Their system has reduced water and fuel usage and has virtually eliminated their need for commercial fertilizers.

What’s the future hold?

With hope and luck, the future holds promise for further generations of Bateman dairymen. Nine of the children in the next generation are considering the dairy farm lifestyle. In his award acceptance speech, with two of his sons by his side, Wayne Bateman said,

“We appreciate the opportunity to do what we do and we hope that our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren and their grandchildren can have one of the most honorable professions there ever was, and they will have that chance, but does take a lot of looking down the road.”

Bateman Dairy Solar PanelsOn that road is a solar energy project and recently installed, solar panels will tie into the grid and provide enough wattage from renewable sources to power 90% of the dairy barn’s energy requirements. Continuous improvement and innovation is what keeps the Bateman’s farm going, it’s what keeps them relevant, efficient and able to keep looking toward the future. “We take pride in this. It’s our passion, our way of life, and we want our dairy to be the best that it can be,” Brad Bateman said.

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