What Should I Make for Valentine’s Day Dinner?

Valentine's Day Dinner

While going out to eat on Valentine’s Day can be special, wonderful, and romantic, it also has the potential to be pressure-laden, a bit crowded and expensive. This year, consider cooking! Whether you are prepping this meal for your special someone or your special family, making a from-scratch elegant meal can be fun, rewarding, and memorable. AND…we’ve got the menu planning done for you.

Start off by dipping your favorite bread and/or veggies into a rich, velvety fondue. Follow that with an elegant, yet easy to make Crème Fraiche Roasted Salmon served over a bed of rice & veggies and finish off your masterpiece by tantalizing your tastebuds with this layered chocolate crepe cake.


Fondue is the ideal way to start off a meal – dipping your favorite bread and/or veggies into this rich gruyere allows you to savor each bite. A hint of nutmeg brings out the rich flavor of the cheese and sets up your palate for the next course.

Creme Fraiche Roasted Salmon

Crème Fraiche Roasted Salmon sounds fancy but this recipe is quite simple and the the taste exceptional Crème Fraiche, a staple in French cooking, brings just the right combination of tangy and creamy to this dish and enhances the natural flavors of the salmon. As pictured, the salmon is served over faro, roasted asparagus and fennel, but you can serve over any hearty grain and accompany with steamed/roasted vegetables.

Chocolate Crepe Cake

Valentine’s Day is all the excuse you need to invest a little extra time to prepare a decadent dessert, and this 35-layer masterpiece of creativity isn’t your average cake. Filled will dulche de leche pudding and drizzled with a rich ganache, the cake is the perfect end to your meal.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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