Local Dairy Community Rallies to Provide Milk

food bank distribution

Just after Christmas, a cold spell in Reno, Nevada, resulted in broken pipes at a local middle school. This middle school was the distribution center for a local food bank. The broken pipes caused flooding, and the school had to be shut down, which means that food distribution has been moved to a separate location without refrigeration. Seeing the need of the families and recognizing the importance of milk, the food bank approached the local dairy community for help.

No problem!

The dairy farmers in the area and local processor, Model Dairy, have partnered to provide milk to the 200 families over the next 2 weeks.  They are donating 1 gallon of milk per family per week for a total of 400 gallons of milk.

Food Bank milk coupons

Yesterday was the first of two distribution, where families will receive coupons entitling the bearer to one gallon of milk – redeemable at a local retailer, Scolaris Market.

Yay for community partnerships at work!

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