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Holiday Food Guide - Table

It’s that time of year when family and friends come together to enjoy the company of one another and reminisce about times gone by. One thing all holiday gatherings tend to have in common is food. Rather you’ve been asked to bring a dish to a party or are hosting the gala of the year, the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada has created a holiday guide full of recipes sure to impress all in attendance. We’ve done the planning so you can spend more time enjoying winter sports or conversing with friends and loved ones. These recipes – from appetizers to desserts – have been hand picked and created by the Dairy Council Staff to provide delicious and healthy options to brighten any party.


Appetizers are great as finger foods or a sampler for your guests before the real feast begins. Here are some of our favorite recipes and foods to get the conversations started and prime the palates of our guests. Jazz up a classic cheese tray with a homemade cheese spread or a spicy chili queso dip.

Jalepeno Cheeseball

Jalepeño Cheese Ball

Chili Con Queso Dip

Chili Con Queso Dip

Main Entrée and Sides:

No dinner is complete without a show stopping entrée. Often we rely on turkey or ham to fulfill this task, but why not change things up and offer a rich, tasty roast? No matter how delicious this roast is, it needs some sides to brighten up the dinner plate. We’ve selected tasty sides to add a little green or warmth to your dinner table.

New York Strip Roast

New York Strip Roast with Balsamic Wine Reduction


The best part of any holiday meal is the dessert. I guess you can say we have saved the best for last and rounded out our holiday guide with some mouth-watering desserts. Whether you tend to go for a rich pie or want something more refreshing like panna cotta, our staff has a recipe for you.


Sand Art Brownies

Sand Art Brownies

Sour Cream Orange Rolls

Sour Cream Orange Rolls

So whether you’re looking for the perfectly delicious and nutritious recipe to take to a family gathering or preparing a menu for hosting a friendly get together, our guide is here to help make the most of your holiday season. Eliminate the time spent searching for recipes and enjoy the time you have to celebrate with friends and loved ones this holiday season.

~Happy Holidays from the Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada staff!

Download the Full Holiday Guide Here

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