Cottage Cheese: 7 reasons it belongs in your fridge

cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is one of my favorite foods, but over the years it has lost popularity. Perhaps it’s a texture thing? Maybe its because cottage cheese has become synonymous with dieting? Maybe it’s just been eclipsed by yogurt? Regardless, it’s worth giving cottage cheese another chance. You might just discover its versatility and pure yumminess.  Here are 7 reasons why cottage cheese deserves some real estate in your refrigerator.

1: Protein! Just one cup of cottage cheese packs ~28 grams of protein. That protein will help keep you satisfied, help  maintain immunity, and contribute to strength, and muscle building.

2: Nutrition: As a dairy food, cottage cheese is packed with vitamins and minerals. Many of us fall short of the recommended 3 daily servings of dairy, and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese can be a great option for delivering dairy + b-vitamins, potassium, calcium & protein.

3: Bonus: It’s a great add to many different recipes. You can throw it into a smoothie, use it as a topping on your next baked potato, add it to your next marina sauce for a creamier spread…. Personally, I love these protein packed Lemon Cottage Cheese Pancakes from Two Peas and Their Pod.

4: Versatile: Cottage cheese pairs well with sweet or savory flavors. Add fruit or yogurt to cottage cheese for a sweet breakfast or top a bowl with tomatoes and a dash of salt for a savory afternoon snack.

5: Bold: Makes for a great dip with extra protein. Check out this easy cottage cheese dip from Chef-In-Training or mix cottage cheese in with your guacamole with this guacamole recipe from Tastefully Julie.

6: Light: For a lighter option, you can substitute cottage cheese for sour cream or cream cheese in most recipes. Check out this delicious sausage lasagna with cottage cheese filling from our own Becky Low, or try this clever Mac n’ cheese from 24 Carrot Life.

Sausage Lasagna with cottage cheese

7: DIY: If you are up for a fun challenge try making your own cottage cheese with one of these easy recipes:

• – Homemade Cottage Cheese

• Alton Brown – Quick Cottage Cheese

There are so many ways to eat and add cottage cheese to your everyday diet! Don’t miss out on this delicious, inexpensive, nutrient rich food. Check out our Pinterest board, “Cottage Cheese Please” for more great recipes and ideas.

~Kayli Cummings

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