School to Farm

SL District at Pappy's Farm

October is National Farm to School Month, and since we can’t exactly bring a dairy farm to a school, we thought bringing students and school district nutrition managers out to dairy farms made much more sense. We had lots of fun and we think they did too. Here’s a photo essay sampling their experience.

USU Tour Spring 2015 alf Feeding

Feeding Calves

My favorite part: “Seeing the cows up close and seeing the babies was awesome! I loved seeing how well they are taken care of.”

-USU Farm Tour Participant

USU - Gossner Foods - Packaging

USU Students taking a peek out to the packaging floor at Gossner Foods.

“I realized people are more dramatic about hormones and stuff like that than they need to be.”

-USU Tour Participant

The School to Farm Bus

Salt Lake District Nutrition Directors hopped on school busses, donned super-awesome cow glasses and headed to Pappy’s Farm in Ogden, UT

“Dairy farmers really know what they are doing and work very hard.”

“I have a new respect and understanding for how the animals are cared for.”

-Salt Lake District Tour Participants

Jordan district - milk parlor

Jordan district nutrition managers In the milk parlor at Batemans Mosida farms.

“Everything was surprising, I had no idea at all”

-Jordan School District Participant

Farm tours have been an awesome way to give people learning experiences – opportunities to meet farmers and cows, to see what dairy farming is all about and how animals are treated. Instead of just telling stories we are trying to show stories – to give people their own stories to tell…We’ll keep offering these tours and don’t hesitate to hit us up if you are interested in learning more. Happy #farmtoschool month!

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