What Happens When you Visit a Dairy Farm?

what cows eat

You may be surprised…

Q: Did anything surprise you about this experience?

Pleasantly surprised that we got such a close view of operations.”

“We have dairy farming in Utah!?”

“How nice the farmers were.”

How open, honest, and complete the tour was.”

Dairy Days Farm Tour Participants

Dairy Days Farm Tour - talking to farmers

Dairy Days Farm Tour – Talking to farmers

Last week as part of Thanksgiving Point’s annual Dairy Days, Utah dairy farmers sponsored free dairy farm tours. ¬†Interested families signed up in advance and within just a couple days, we were quite surprised to find our 2 bus tours booked to capacity with a waiting list. We LOVE that people want to get out to the farm, meet farmers, pet cows, and learn more about how the journey milk takes to get to their fridge.

Dairy Days Farm Tour

Boarding the bus – let the fun begin!

Though we faced triple digit heat, it was a great day. A packed bus left the festivities of Thanksgiving Point and took families to Utah’s largest dairy farm. Currently milking 7,100 dairy cows, tour participants had the chance to meet farmers (4 brothers and their father), tour the milk barn, say hi to the milk truck driver, sit on a tractor, pet baby calves, see what the cows eat and where they live, and ask questions.

Dairy Days Farm Tour - Milk Barn

Watching the cows be milked

Dairy Days - what cows eat

Examining what cows eat

Dairy days farm tour - baby calf

Petting baby calves

Giving people an opportunity to see a working dairy farm is important to us. One tour participant shared that she had been looking for ways to introduce her kiddos to farming and explain how we get food. Our sentiments exactly! We will continue offering these tours for groups and the general public. Thanks for the support.

Q: What was your key take away from this experience?

“Cows really are important to communities.”

“My 5-year-old was the reason we came, and he absolutely loved it and wanted to learn more.”

“Our milk is good”

“I am more confident”

“The farmers and workers take good care of their cows – dairy farming is a complex operation and business. This was outstanding.”

– Dairy Days Farm Tour Participants

Dairy Days Farm Tour

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