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Farmer For a Day Clark 2015

What’s it take to be farmer for a day? Jennifer and Bruce Clark are raising their 6 children on their dairy farm in Morgan, Utah, and through 4-H and the local school district, they are committed to sharing their farm and what farm life is all about with local kids. “Farmer For A Day,” gives kids the chance to learn about dairy farming from the ground up. What’s it take to grow crops, raise animals, milk cows? And how does milk turn into the dairy foods we enjoy everyday?

Here’s a little photo essay showcasing this year’s 5th annual Clark Family Dairy, “Farmer for a Day,” as well as a schedule of activities & chores their “farm hands” got to experience.

Farmer for a day 1
2015 Farmer for a Day “Hands”


The day begins with staff helpers arriving (4-H Teen Council Members)


Kids Arrive: Ice breakers – games, rules of the dairy, divide into groups


Dairy barn tour – milk cows | Feed calves on bottles & in buckets

farmer for a day 3

Feeding bottle calves

Farmer for a day 4

Milking Cows


Ride horses | Team Scavenger hunt

Hay Ride & Change Sprinkler Pipe

farmer for a day 5

Riding horses

farmer for a day 2

changing sprinkler pipe


Lunch followed by homemade ice cream workshop & tasting

Farmer for a day 7

Homemade ice cream in a bag


Bed calves | bug hunt


“My manger” talk about cows’ diets & compare to MyPlate

farmer for a day 6


All done!

Jennifer and Bruce Clark have been offering farm experiences for their community for the past 15+ years. Through the school district, 4H, and Agriculture in the Classroom they are helping bring a bit of rural life into the city.

We love having the opportunity to share our farm with the community!  We have hundreds of kids visit our farm every year – but our Farmer for a Day camp is, by far, our favorite event.  Spending six hours at a farm really gives kids a feel for what it is like to be a farmer and the work it takes to produce the foods they buy from the grocery store.

-Jennifer Clark 

Want to experience more farm life?

On June 27th, the Dairy Farmers of Utah have joined with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to offer a FREE Dairy Days at Thanksgiving Point. We are offering 2 dairy farm tours as part of this event. Even if you can’t be “farmer for a day,” with the Clarks, maybe you can visit a dairy and see what farmers do. Spots are filling up – sign up now.

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    must be very exciting to play in the cowshed. cows how much?

    June 20, 2015 at 5:49 am

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