Utah Cheese Pairing Guide

Utah Cheese Pairing Guide

We love all things with cheese, and the bottom line is that there are no hard-fast rules to pairings – enjoy what you like and what tastes good to you.


There are a few classic pairings, and Utah has some wonderful cheesemakers to check out. (A few months back we did an individual profile on each of these Utah Cheesemakers, so check out the in-depth posts, if you are looking for more – links below.) Here we offer some classic pairings from a recent workshop with dietitian and culinary professional, Amy Myrdal Miller, as well as our fresh-off-the-press, Utah Cheese Pairing Guide for you to download.

Woodland Blue Cheese

Gold Creek Farms – Woodland Blue

Blue Cheese + Honey + Walnuts

Blue cheese is noted for its crumbly texture and silky consistency. The blue veins are actually a mold produced most-commonly by a bacteria in the Penicillin family. It has a piquant, earthy flavor that varies among styles. Gold Creek Farms in Kamas, Utah recently started making their Woodland Blue. It’s a special, unique cheese that definitely deserves a try.

Why honey and walnuts? the sweetness of the honey pairs nicely with the strong, earthy flavor of the blue cheese. And walnuts, especially when they are toasted, complement the blue’s rich flavor.

Beehive Cheese Promontory Cheddar

Beehive Cheese Promontory Cheddar

Cheddar +  Apple: 

Cheddars can vary considerably based on aging time and conditions. Generally, cheddar cheese sharpens and becomes increasingly crumbly and granular with age. Pairing an aged cheddar with a crisp, cool apple is refreshing and cozy. This pairing works cooked in recipes or with room-temperature cheese and a cool apple. Consider adding sliced apples and a wedge of cheddar cheese to your next appetizer tray. A couple Utah cheesemakers specialize in cheddar – Beehive Cheese & Heber Valley Artisan Cheese.

Rockhill Cheese Peppercorn Gouda

Rockhill Cheese Peppercorn Gouda

Gouda +  Tomatoes:

Gouda is known for its rich flavor. The coating found on many Gouda’s is added to prevent the cheese from drying out. It can be consumed young or aged and the consistency and characteristics change with age. Let this classic pairing take you in any direction – soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese…used smoked Gouda or one of Rockhill Cheese’s Goudas (Farmhouse or Peppercorn) and add smokiness by roasting or grilling the tomatoes.

Download our Utah Cheese Pairing Guide

More about each of Utah’s cheese makers:

-Kristi Spence

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