Promoting Breakfast Through FUTP60

Your mother probably told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day and research is now proving her right. Students who  consume a nutrient rich breakfast are more likely to  have higher nutrient intake, improved cognition, and improved academic performance. Breakfast is too important to miss, but can be hard during busy mornings. Here are some ideas to help you eat a nutrient rich breakfast.

The FUTP60 program teaches students the importance of breakfast, fueling your body with a healthy diet, and getting active. We wanted to highlight two Utah schools are using the program to promote breakfast among their student bodies.

BYU Students Helping with the Assembly

BYU Students Helping with the Assembly

WestField Elementary – Alpine district

In conjunction with the BYU Community Nutrition Class, Westfield Elementary put on a FUTP60 School Assembly with Alex Smith.  The PE teacher used the assembly to promote Westfield’s Breakfast Picnics. During these picnics, students gather regularly in the cafeteria to eat breakfast together.  Some bring breakfast from home, but most purchase the school breakfast.  These breakfast picnics teach kids the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and provide them a time to get breakfast and socialize. 

Orem Jr High Breakfast Kiosk fall 2014 1

Breakfast Carnival Booths

Orem Jr High – Alpine District

The Orem Junior High FUTP60 Student Team promotes breakfast and their new healthy Grab and Go Breakfast Kiosk by having special events monthly during breakfast.  They even had a breakfast carnival and featured music and games that encouraged physical activity like shooting on a soccer goal in the corner of the cafeteria, shooting baskets, and doing push ups.  Kids earned tickets by:

1) Eating breakfast at school 

2) Show a selfie of you eating a healthy breakfast at home

3) Successfully complete the physical activity challenge.

The tickets could be turned in for prizes. The new Grab and Go Breakfast Kiosk at Orem Junior High allows students to eat breakfast up until class starts. Because of this, more students are able to eat a healthy breakfast every day. 

We are so excited to see the fun ideas being implemented in our local schools and to see more kids getting active and eating a healthy breakfast. If you are interested in getting involved with FUTP60, contact Becky Low for more information.  (


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