Throw Back Thursday #LoveOfPlay

In honor of Throw Back Thursday #TBT and the Love of Play campaign, our staff wanted to show our love of play from when we were kids. Although we may not be playing the same way, we still love to get out and play.


From a very young age, I was extremely competitive.  I even told my recreation soccer coach that she was a really nice lady, but she didn’t know anything about soccer. I was about seven. Competitive, tackless, and cute; your standard triple threat.

 Ashley-Love of Play


All growing up, I used to play in every sport possible and loved to compete against the boys! Baseball was one of the many sports that kept me active.

JH Love of Play



This was a4th of July parade, that’s me sitting on the float (about 5 yrs old). I was supposed to be Statue of Liberty pulled by Uncle Sam, my brother. We loved to play parade and would dress up and march up and down the street for each other (and anyone else who would watch us). If we did not have spectators we would take turns being the crowd and would cheer as the parade passed.

Becky Love of Play



Here is my favorite pic of me as a kid “playing.” I mostly liked to do anything outdoors. I never wanted to be inside, always had to be out exploring what nature had to offer. My favorite thing to do as a child was horseback riding, which led to my passion for horses and rodeos today.

Tim Love of Play



When I was 3 years old, I moved with my family to Iran…….yes, the country. We lived in a beautiful home in Isfahan, which is about an hours’ drive from Tehran, with maids and a cook and gardners, etc.  We even had a swimming pool and a few cows on our compound – life was good.  However, since we children usually only had each other to play with, we sometimes got creative and played dress up.  Costumes were unheard of – everyone used old clothes from their parents or thrift shops to creatively put together a “look”.  As you can see, our mother helped with the make-up part of our costumes and we were pretty proud of our accomplishments!

Deb Love of Play

That’s me in the middle



I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I did have a horse! Crafted by my father, “Woody” was my first birthday present.  I enjoyed many a “giddy-ups” and though I have long outgrown my little wooden rocking horse, he is reliving his youth (as am I) through my one-year-old son.


Kristi Love of Play

Aiden 2014————————- Kristi 1980





I have always loved the outdoors. As a child I could be found climbing trees, play sports on the grass, swimming at the pool, or helping my mother garden. I used to dress up and pretend to be a garden princess watering my flowers. Now that I am grown up, I climb mountains instead of trees and still love to be outdoors. I can often be found gardening, without the hat and tutu.

Meg Love of Play


The Love of Play campaign was developed by The National Dairy Council (NDC), NFL, and Quaker to help encourage kids to eat well and play hard. Don’t forgot to show your #LoveOfPlay from September 9- October 17. For more information check out the FUTP60 website. 

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