The Great American Milk Drive

Hunger in America – What’s it Look Like?

1 in 6 Americans, including more than 12 million families, face hunger, and many rely on food banks for nutrition assistance. While Americans are generous with food donations and national feeding programs serve 37 million people, food bank clients aren’t always getting what they need. Food bank directors say milk is one of the products their clients request most often, but they cannot always meet demand because milk is perishable and difficult to donate.

Hunger in America


What Can We Do About Hunger?

Today, April 2, 2014, America’s dairy industry is coming together to help solve this problem and get milk to those who need it most.  Dairy farmers (through the National Dairy Council) and milk companies (through the Milk Processors Education Program – MilkPEP) are partnering with Feeding America to launch The Great American Milk Drive. 

You can be part of the action. Tune in today at 9:45am MT to watch the campaign’s live launch.

Stay tuned for more about what’s going on locally in Utah and Nevada as we form partnerships with our local Feeding America food banks to bring the Great American Milk Drive to our local market.

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