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Our New Commodity Shed

by Guest Blogger – Jennifer Olsen

New Commodity Shed

The New Commodity Shed at Sage Hill Dairy

Our family purchased Sage Hill Dairy in the Fall of 2006. This dairy and its cows are our life, our livelihood and our future, so despite a tough economy over the past 8 years, making improvements has been an integral part of our operation.

So…over the past several years we have been busy! Here are a few things we have been working on:

We have updated how our cows eat. When we bought the dairy, the cows ate their feed off the ground and now they eat off concrete, a clean and consistent way for them to munch away.  We added canopies to the corrals so that now all of the cows have shade to help keep them cooler during the hot summer months and dry when it is raining or snowing. We have made some improvements to the milk barn, and our latest improvement has been the construction of a new commodity shed. Our old one was working great but we were running out of space and a giant wind storm had blown off the roof, so instead of rebuilding, we decided to construct a new one.

A commodity shed is basically a storage area for our feed sources, such as rolled corn, cottonseed, almond hulls etc. It is important to properly store the feed sources to ensure the best nutritional quality, which is essential to each cow’s health and her milk production. We work with a cow nutritionist to mix these various feeds into a balanced ration and mix feed from each portion of the shed in a large feed wagon. We then distribute to the cows.

Commodity Shed

Loading the Feed Wagon

My husband and brother-in-law continue to make great decisions by simply investing in their COWS – our livelihood and our future.

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