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Adventures in Israel

Mt. of Olives

Emily at Mt. of Olives

This semester our youngest daughter, Emily, is studying in Israel. The Master’s College  she (and our oldest daughter) attend, has a bible extension in Israel called IBEX (Israel Bible Extension), located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Though as a mom, I am concerned about her being so far from home, I’m not to worry because their lounge is the bomb shelter!!!  (This is what she tells me!)

She is having a great time learning about the culture and actually seeing and walking the lands of the Bible.  Because most Israeli women have dark hair, our daughter fits in and many people, mistaking her for a local, even try to speak to her in Hebrew!  She is taking Hebrew language classes, but she is not fluent by any means. One of her friends is blonde (she doesn’t blend in quite as well) and someone offered her 5 camels to be his wife (he was very serious)!!  After hearing this story, we were teasing our son that perhaps he should offer 5 jersey cows to his future wife!!!!

Annelise & Emily

Annelise & Emily

So while we are here on the farm, still milking, feeding and spring calving, Emily is off in Israel having the adventure of a lifetime!

Emily in Israel

An Adventure of a Lifetime

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    Global IS the way, for sure. It’s great to have an international education. As a father though, and in risk management, permit me to be blunt in saying that I would not choose to have one of my children in Israel right now. Perhaps that’s being over-protective; we all hope that your daughter knows emotionally the risk (again, let’s be “real”). Good for you that you can “stomach” this separation.

    February 21, 2013 at 12:17 pm

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