Why I Want to Stay On the Farm

Meet the most recent addition to our Cow Locale Blogger Community: Braden Anderson is dairy farming’s next generation.

“For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be around cattle, and that is why I want to stay on the farm.”  – Braden Anderson


Braden Anderson has spent the entirety of his 18-years on his family’s dairy farm in Newton, UT, and he is looking forward to continuing his life as the 4th generation to own, operate, and manage the dairy. Just finishing up high school, Braden has grown up in a world in which careers in agriculture have diminished. Just 2% of the American population is involved with agriculture, and while he has grown up in a farming community, he has watched neighbors, friends, and family have to leave the industry in search of alternative job opportunities. Making your way as a dairy farmer can be tough work. Even in his youth, Braden recognizes that “one of the toughest parts is that you never know how much money you will get for your milk.”

But the good things and the promise of his ideal lifestyle have led him to pursue his dream. Here’s why Braden wants to stay on the farm…

  • I enjoy working with dairy cows and heifers.
  • I enjoy watching young calves grow into mature milk cows.
  • I love being outside in the country.
  • I like working with family.
  • I enjoy working with show cattle and competing against other farms.
  • I enjoy working to improve our herd.
  • I enjoy associating with other dairymen and people that work with the farmers.
  • I enjoy driving tractors and operating farm equipment.
  • There is nothing better than getting out to farm the land at first light and watching the sun go down in the evening.
  • I find it satisfying to learn how to fix farm equipment.
  • I enjoy producing milk, which is nature’s most perfect food (Ice cream!!)

For me, there is nothing better than having fun and working on the family farm.

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