A New Bottle for a New Year

In 2013, Rosehill Dairy was looking to do something different. Specializing in the dairy home-delivery market, several customers had inquired about the existing reusable bottles – were they BPA free? Intrigued by the possibilities, Rosehill began looking for vendors and set out to design a new BPA-free, reusable bottle for their home delivery business that would not only work well in the processing plant (cleaning, filling, sealing) but would also be ideal for customers.

RoseHill's new bottles are BPA Free!

Rosehill’s new bottles are BPA Free!

In December, after retrofitting machines, designing new caps and labels, and taking order on the bottles, Rosehill incorporated the new bottles into production. So far, customer response and satisfaction has been great. Caps are easier to open, the handle makes the bottles easier to hold and handle, and pouring from the new bottles is a breeze. Customers also love that not only does their milk taste great and come fresh from the farm, but it now comes in BPA-free, reusable, customized bottles.

If you live in Northern Utah (Cache, Box Elder, Davis, Morgan, and Weber counties), consider signing up for Rosehill home delivery and have weekly orders of milk, cheese, and specialty products arrive fresh at your doorstep. For those who don’t live in these northern Utah counties, look for Rosehill products at an increasing number of your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and specialty markets.

New bottles fit neatly into standard milk crates

New bottles fit neatly into standard milk crates

Learn more about Rosehill Dairy in a previous Cow Locale post: Rosehill Dairy Delivers – Just Like the Good ‘Ol Days, and check them out on Facebook.

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