Country Christmas Surprise

A Special Christmas Story From the Buttars Family
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About fifteen years ago, my teenage sons secretly planned a Christmas surprise that I will never forget. After a late Christmas Eve party followed by Santa preparations, I dropped into bed, realizing I had to get up in five hours to milk the cows on Christmas morning.

Rising at 5:00 a.m., sleepy eyed and dreading having to go out in the cold, dark morning, I trudged upstairs to wake my sons, only to find their beds empty. Wondering where they could be, I checked the house. Having no luck locating them, I donned my chore clothes and tried to figure out what they could be up to.

As I walked down the farm lane, I saw the lights blazing in the milking parlor. When I entered the barn, it was clear that Santa’s elves had sacrificed sleep to give me the most memorable Christmas gift I have ever received. The chores were almost done. Now, for the first time, I would be able to spend Christmas morning at home and watch the excited faces of my younger children as they discovered Santa had filled their wish list.

We finished the chores then walked back to the house together. I had a great feeling of appreciation for my boys and for their gift that money could not buy. My sons stood a little taller that day in their eyes and in mine.

At this special season, we wish you all peace, joy and the opportunity to build memories with those you love.

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