Expressing Gratitude

From Guest Blogger – Robyn Buttars:

It is appropriate and beneficial that Thanksgiving is the first of the big three holidays; especially when gratitude for our blessings makes us aware of the needs of others.  Christmas provides many opportunities to share and care for individuals. Then, of course, the New Year is a time of reflection and setting a direction for future goals.

We have been greatly blessed this year; the birth of a new grandchild, opportunities for work, a bountiful harvest, freedom . . .the list grows long when we take time to truly consider gratitude. For those of us who have the benefit of living and raising families in an agriculture setting, our common experience adds a unique list to our gratitude chest.

I hope families can continue to live and learn together on farms. Sometimes I wonder what I, as one person, can do to help agriculture continue as a viable way of life.   I believe showing appreciation and expressing gratitude to individuals who do something to help promote our product is a simple thing each of us can do. Recently, I was at a hotel where I have stayed a number of times in the past. When I went through the breakfast buffet line, I noticed an attractive dispenser of milk by the cereal near the front of the line. I was pleased when I saw the tray of glasses next to the milk. In the past, glasses were only at the end of the line by the juice.  Since I like to have a glass of milk with breakfast, I appreciated the convenience and realized this change may encourage others to choose milk for breakfast.

When the buffet attendant came by, I thanked her for the change and before leaving the hotel, I wrote a note on the comment card expressing my appreciation.  Perhaps there is something else I can do to encourage people to drink milk. My husband just said he wished they served chocolate milk where we were eating.  Hmmmm . . .


Chocolate milk was available at a recent “Giving Tuesday” service project organized by the Mom It Forward social media community and sponsored, in part, by local dairy farmers.

Dairy Farmers were thrilled to share their local, nutritious product during a Family Service Project Night.

To kick off “Giving Tuesday” Mom it Forward organized a family service project night – tying blankets for Primary Children’s Medical Center. Dairy Farmers were thrilled to be involved by supplying the milk!

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