Can We Mooove On?

November: a whole, amazing month to give thanks! Here at the Cow Locale we are so thankful for our incredible dairy farm families – for their hard work, their persevering attitudes, and their willingness to open up their farms and their homes to us. Thank you to our guest bloggers who truly give this blog a “voice.”

From Val Christoph of Liberty Jersey Dairy:

Dairy Farm Tour

“We love to give tours on our dairy and tell people about what we do.  We mostly have small children come, but they come with adult chaperones, and we like to tell our story to that audience as well.  We like them to know that cows are good recyclers, and we talk to them about all the different commodities they are fed.  Just like our guests may give their children daily vitamins, the cows get them as well.  People vaccinate their children, we vaccinate our animals.  The cows get sick; they are treated, like people would treat their children if they got sick.  And every living thing will someday die, but we want them to know that we take care of our animals, our livelihood depends on it and it is our desire to take good care of them.  On one tour, Bill asked if there were any questions and one little boy raised his hand and asked, “Can we move on now?”!!!!   We got a big laugh at that!”

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