The Corn Chop!

The latest from Ellissa Clark who lives and works on a dairy farm with her parents and 5 siblings in Morgan, UT.

We have just finished up what, in my opinion, is the most exciting part of living on a dairy farm – the corn chop! My siblings and I look forward to this time of year all summer long. It all started with my dad when he was young. He wasn’t old enough to drive a truck or tractor, but he wanted to be in on the excitement, so he would ride in the back of a truck as it filled with silage. As soon as we were old enough to do it safely, he introduced us to corn truck riding too. We jump in the back of a dump truck and ride along as tons of fresh green corn stalks are chopped and shot into the bed of the truck. Our clothes turn green, and our hair is a mess – but it is all worth it! Once we fill the pit a whole new fun begins. For the younger kids, the pit becomes a huge tumbling mat, perfect for kart wheels and handstands. For the middle age kids it becomes a soft landing for a jump off the roof of the shop that is attached to the pit. And for the older kids it becomes a dirt bike hill climb. This part is definitely my favorite part! The competitions consist of the best ‘rooster tail’, the biggest jump, and the longest wheelie. My dad usually wins but it’s still fun for everyone!

The Clark Family is also featured in our short film:

Dairy Farming in the Mountain West – Check it out here!

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