Farmer for a Day

The latest from guest blogger, Ellissa Clark:

As a Dairy Ambassador in Morgan County, it has been my goal to help kids in Morgan learn where their food comes from. One of the activities I organized to accomplish this goal was a day camp at our dairy farm called “Farmer for a Day”. Twenty kids from our county spent six hours at our family farm learning about daily chores on our dairy. The activities of the day ranged from changing sprinkler pipes and stacking straw, to learning how to milk a cow and how to ride a horse.

            It was so much fun to watch how excited and surprised these kids were as they learned that their food doesn’t just come from the grocery store. I was amazed at how the kids turned our everyday chores into entertaining games. Changing sprinkler pipes turned into an Olympic balance beam competition and making homemade butter turned into a Hokey Pokey dance off. Stacking straw turned into a fort building contest and a giant water balloon fight that ended with delicious hand-cranked ice cream.

            I knew I had accomplished my goal when the parents arrived at the end of the day. All of the kids were so excited to show their parents around the farm. They had learned so much and gained a great understanding of how their food travels from cow to cup!

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