Happy Labor Day!

The work of a dairy farmer is quite different than an average 9-5 job…

It is a 24/7/365 sort of lifestyle.

Everyday – two or three times per day – cows need to be milked. That means 7 days a week, including holidays, farmers are up before dawn tending to the cows and taking care of the farm. For many of us, its easy to roll “to-do” list items to the next day, the following week, or cross them off the priority list entirely, but for dairy farmers, milking, feeding, and farm chores are on the daily docket no matter what. Though the work is tough, it is a lifestyle that dairy farmers often choose for a reason:

Many farmers love the time that farming allows them to spend with their families – from working side by side with children, grandchildren, and spouses, to coming home for lunch, or having picnics out in the fields, farming is often a family affair.

Others choose the work because they love caring for and working with animals. They enjoy raising calves, watching the cattle grow, and producing quality products on which people thrive. Caring for animals is also a great environment to raise children and teach responsibility.

For others, it is a love for the land – a love for being outside, and the ability to foster a complete cycle of life. Many dairy farmers are also crop farmers. To grow a crop, feed that crop to dairy cattle, who in turn produce a nutritious high-quality, nutritious end product is an incredible natural cycle.

On this Labor Day, we send a shout out and thank you to our hard-working and dedicated dairy farm families! The work you do and the products you produce are much appreciated.

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