Dairy Farming is a Family Affair

Our local Dairy Council recently had the opportunity to visit dairy farmers across the state of Utah – videoing them on their farms with their families, taking photos, and spending time capturing the humanity behind your local dairy foods. Perhaps it is because I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I have always been intrigued by farming and the farming lifestyle. This trip gave me insight into why farmers farm and why some members of the next generation are choosing, despite economic challenges, to raise their families on the farm.

So…it is through the lens of their farms and in their words that I am excited to share why Utah dairy farmers do what they do.

– Kristi Spence

“I was raised on a farm…it is a really good way to grow up. You learn responsibility and to care for the animals and the land. My daughter is 2 and she already just loves animals, so it starts young.” – Chace Fullmer

“I love being able to walk out my back door and go to work. I like being able to spend time with my family. I’m here, my dad is here, my kids are here; it just doesn’t really get any better than that, I don’t think. – Jackson Smith

“I love farming because I love animals. I like the independence. I have done it my whole life. I enjoy it and will continue to as long as I’m healthy enough. – Harry Papageorge

“I guess it’s the love of the environment and atmosphere that I grew up in that lead me to want that same atmosphere for my children.” – Bruce Clark

“I get to work with my dad, my family, and I get to be outside.” – Cody Wiser

“I love to watch the cows grow; I love to walk out through the crops, through the newly planted fields and watch things grow. It has been a great life growing up here.” – Mark Gibbons

“I really like coming and having a challenge everyday.” – Kimball Holt
“I don’t remember when I started farming, but ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to drive a tractor and raise a crop.” – Randall Holt
“I love seeing an end product – from the seeds that we plant to the hay that we grow – to be able to feed that to the cows and then seeing the milk that they produce.” – Blake Holt

“Farming gets in your blood a little bit. I was with my dad 24/7 when I was growing up, and that is something I want to have with my kids.” – Russel Kohler

“Farming is an occupation you have to believe in and love.” – Sid Munk

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