Cows + Dairy Farmers = Milk + Store + You = Health

On July 13th and 14th, KUTV put on its inaugural Health Expo in Salt Lake City. The event was designed to bring people together to learn about and consider all aspects of health – physical, emotional, psychological…so naturally, we brought a cow.

Daisy Having a Little Snack at the KUTV Health Expo

With just 2% of the American population actively involved with agriculture, many of us have lost touch with the origins of our food, yet many people are asking, “Where does my food come from?” Well…before milk makes it to the refrigerated section of your local grocery store, it came from a cow and that cow was raised and cared for by a dedicated dairy farm family.

The Otten family farms at Barex Dairy in central Utah, and they are committed to sharing their dairy farm lifestyle with the local community. On Saturday morning, Taunya, Russell, and their daughter Alyson brought Daisy and Sparky to the South Town Expo Center.

The Ottens enjoyed talking with milk-drinking fans and showing people how to milk a cow by hand. They even learned a thing or two about hand-milking from old-time farmers who stopped by the booth.

To see all of our photos from the Health Expo, visit the Dairy Council of UT/NV on Facebook.

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