A Hillbilly Waterslide?

Thanks to guest blogger, Ellissa Clark for sharing her family’s “summer fun on the farm…”

Summer is definitely the best time of year on the farm. Being a farm kid may include having perpetual work and callused hands, but it also consists of having one gigantic playground open 24/7. Although there may be an endless list of chores, we never fail to find various activities around the farm to add more excitement to our day. This is particularly true in the summer time. Our activities range from paintball and air soft gun wars, riding our motorcycles and tubing in the irrigation ditch and the river.

Last summer we constructed what we now fondly refer to as the “Hillbilly Waterslide.” If you thought the plastic tarp in your yard was ‘creative’ or ‘redneck like’, you haven’t seen anything yet! Our favorite summer activity has always been cooling off in the ditch after working in the hot sun, however we decided it was time for an upgrade. The first step was to make the ditch deeper, much deeper. My dad and brother spent an afternoon working with the loader, and when they were finished we had a full fledged six feet deep swimming hole. Conveniently, an old semi trailer is permanently parked next to the ditch. It provided the perfect base to attach the plastic slide from our jungle gym. The only thing missing was a diving platform. An upside down wheelbarrow, without handles or wheels, did the trick. Who needs Seven Peaks? We have our own private water park in our backyard with no tickets or lifeguards required.

Swimmin’ in the Ditch

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    Nancy L. Mikesell

    Alissa, I love your swimmin’ hole. Looks cool!! Ahh! to be young again.
    Nancy Mikesell

    June 27, 2012 at 10:07 am
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    Ngoc Fritzgerald

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