What is #ThinkFood?

A new site dedicated to discussing dairy’s role:

On June 14th, the dairy industry will be part of something BIG. 

Global population is GROWING – 9 Billion by the year 2050.

How do we address food security & feed this hungry world?

It starts by putting our heads together and talking about it. On June 14th, The Washington Post and Slate are co-hosting a leadership event designed to ignite an important conversation about the future of food. During the 1/2 day, live-streamed summit, academic, government, and public health leaders will discuss how we maintain domestic food security in a growing, evolving, and changing world. As sponsors of this event, the dairy industry is committed to fostering a solution-based dialogue in order to maintain healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy planet in the 21st century.

Live streaming begins at 8:15 EST

#ThinkFood is the hashtag we’ll be using to track Twitter conversations surrounding this important issue. Follow us @DairyUTNV for more information about how this issue pertains to our local people, communities, and environmental issues.

Check out the summit LIVE! 8:15 EST / 7:15 MST

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