“Dan in Real Life” Running, Biking, Swimming, Milking…

As the summer racing season heats up, we decided that it was time to check in with our running, biking, and swimming dairy farmer – Dan McKee…

Dan started running in high school – 2 miles every evening, but had never done anything longer than 5-miles before he decided to train for the Park City marathon in 2008. Since then he has completed 3 marathons and has, in the last couple of years, dabbled in some triathlons. Dan’s goals are always to have fun and finish in the top half of the field, though with a competitive spirit, he also tries to improve his times & place from year to year. And Dan is no slouch of a runner. This dairy farmer has clocked a 4:28 marathon (at altitude). In his words, “That’s not bad for a 250-pound farmer.”

This year Dan plans to run the  Dino Tri in Vernal, UT, the Kokopelli Tri in St. George, and possibly the Neola Half Marathon on the 4th of July in Neola, UT.

In order to get his triathlon training in, Dan has to do it BEFORE he starts his morning chores on the farm. This means running and biking before dawn and driving 30min to the pool to be in the water as soon as the doors open at 5:30. Post workout, Dan is recovering with cereal & milk and steaming mug of hot chocolate on Vernal’s sub-zero degree winter days.

Though consistent training can be challenging at times (i.e., motivating for an early morning bike after a very physical 13-hour day on the farm isn’t a piece of cake), Dan keeps races on the calendar and is looking forward to meeting up with his brothers – in – law for the September Kokopelli Tri in St. George. He says, “the sprint course is always fun!”

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