Time for Planting…

Thanks to guest blogger, Jennifer Olsen for sharing what is going on on her farm.

Corn planting season is here.  I’m not talking about your everyday sweet corn you find at the market,  I’m talking about corn for cows.  For the past month, we spent many hours prepping the fields for corn planting to to ensure nutrient-rich, fertile soil for good crop growth and production.  Many of the fields were home to a winter rye crop, which is being harvested now to make way for the corn.  In early September, the corn will be ready for harvesting. We use a machine that chops the entire plant – stock, ears and all – and turns it into corn silage.  Corn Silage is very high in energy and a good source of fiber for the cows.   The picture you see is a corn planter that can plant twelve rows of corn at a time along with a seed wagon that distributes seed into the corn planter, The days of unloading bags of seed in the corn planter by hand  are over.  The Olsen family plants around 1700 acres of corn each spring, therefore the whole month of May will consist of planting corn so the cows will have a great source of energy and fiber to eat in the months to come.

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