Springtime for Me Means Driving the John Deere 8400

Welcome to guest blogger Ellissa Clark.

     For most people, springtime on the farm brings thoughts of fields turning green and baby lambs, piglets, and calves being born. Yet, as a teenager growing up on a farm, spring has taken on a whole different meaning. As a little girl I loved it when spring arrived because it was finally warm enough to go down to the farm. I would run straight to the calf barn to pick out my favorite calf that I would show at the county fair in August. Last week I saw my little sisters doing that same thing, but those days are gone for me now. Today, spring means work.

     In the spring, my dad is noticeably absent from home and the only time I really hear from him is when my cell phone rings. The conversation goes something like this: “What are you doing right now?” my dad asks. (This question of course is only rhetorical.) I answer, “I’m actually quite busy.” (Which may or may not be true.) “I need a tractor driver for an hour,” he responds. (According to ‘Dairy Farmer Standard Time,’ I’ve learned that this project will probably last four or more hours.) I then give him a long list of all of my homework assignments and plans that I have with friends, to which he responds, “That can wait until later. I’ll see you at the barn in ten minutes.” Knowing that I have no choice in the matter, I pull on my farm clothes and head down.

     Don’t tell my dad this, but I really like driving tractors driving more than he thinks I do. This is especially true when I’m driving the John Deere 8400, it has a great radio! As I comb over the fields in the beautiful valley of Morgan, I realize how blessed I am to be growing up on a farm. I know that I am learning valuable lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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    2nd Lt. Clayton Helwig

    ya very beautiful and the John Deere 8400 is a very nice tractor……i have 37 John Deere 8400 with track systems on them Ma’am but i can’t wait ta get home ta start runnin my farm again…..i don’t like it here in the middle east……I Hope Ya Have A Great Day Ma’am

    July 27, 2012 at 9:59 am

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