“We Can’t Change our Genetics…” Or Can We?

Canyon Breeze Holsteins

In the 1920’s and 30’s, Minersville Utah had a community dairy where families would take their personal cows to be milked.  It was in this community setting that the Gillins family got their start in the dairy business, and now 4 generations later, Cory Gillins continues to work on the farm with his family.

Cory, Stefanie and Zaiden

The dairy has evolved quite a bit from the 30 cows his grandfather started with almost 100 years ago to an operation with 12 loyal employees and 500 cows.  Since the 1980’s, the Gillins have focused on continually improving their dairy herd through genetics. Their registered stock, under the prefix Canyon Breeze Holsteins, prides itself on their superior genetic line and has perfected the art of harvesting embryos, which it sells both nationally and internationally. There is great value in breeding superior stock including reduced risk for disease, valued physical attributes, size, and improved milk quality and production. (Check out this recent article on the topic.)

For the Gillins, one cow changed everything. Meet Abigail and her family.

Abagail Family Tree

Learn more about the Gillins Family Dairy and their Canyon Breeze Holsteins by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and taking a look at their recently launched Blog.

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