How Do You Stay in Business?

These days dairy farming has become a tough proposition. 20 years ago, there were over 600 dairies in the state of Utah. Today there are just over 240.

So why the change?

There is no single reason that many families have decided to leave dairying, but rising costs of doing business, economic volatility, and a changing global economy contribute. (Click to read more in a recent NYT Magazine Article). Those who have stayed in the game have had to adapt, adjust, grow, and develop. It isn’t always an easy road, but the lifestyle, the love for the animals, and a commitment to the land is what keeps many dairy producers on the farm.

For his dairy to stay afloat, Grant Kohler and his family looked to a new enterprise. Nestled in the western part of the Heber Valley, the Canyon View Dairy has become home to Utah’s latest Artisan Cheese Plant. With a growing market for specialty cheeses, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is delivering. Listen to Grant talk about this entrepreneurial endeavor:


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