Dry Weather…Happy Cows

Welcome to guest blogger, Jennifer Olsen.

Jennifer is the Bride

It’s been a pretty dry winter for our Jersey dairy here in Fallon, NV.  In years past, my husband and brother in law have had to bed the cows with straw over a dozen times by now to keep the cows dry and their udders healthy for milk production, but not this year! Due to the dry weather, they have only had to replace the straw a couple of times. The cows are happy with this warm winter but my concern is for our water supply. In the coming months we will rely heavily on irrigation to nourish the valley, and low snowpack affects water availability in the months and years ahead, which in turn impacts how much crop we can grow per acre.  Even though it is nearing the end of March, there is plenty of time for more snow to fall in the Sierras.  I think our cows would agree that gazing out at snow-capped mountains is preferable to having a snow covered valley – we are hopeful! 

In the meantime, my husband and I are expecting our first baby in July.  We don’t know what we are having, just hoping for a healthy baby. We been married for three and half years and we are looking forward to having some help on the dairy. As for now, I’m enjoying extra glasses of milk as I add in a few additional daily calories to provide rich, natural nutrients for the health of my growing my baby 😉  

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