Eyes for Two

Guest Post by Val Christoph of Liberty Jersey Farms.

SAFETY on the farm is high priority, but sometimes despite all precautionary efforts, a freak accident occurs.  We experienced that last week when, during routine farm operations, Bill injured his eye. With only one good eye as it is, the threat of losing all functional eyesight was a scary proposition for us, so off we went to the ER. The doctor described that the accident had ruptured the globe, and that the eye had no pressure. Surgery was necessary and promptly scheduled for the next morning.  In the meantime, the doctor sent us the Renown Medical Center in Reno for some tests. Seven hours later, and well past midnight, we passed the remainder of the evening and awaited Bill’s morning surgery at the hospital hotel – quite convenient!

The Dr. was pleased with the surgery. We have been following up with specialists and Bill’s vision is improving. The day after the surgery he was able to see light, and today, with the help of his glasses, he can see the vision chart’s Big ‘E.”  While he isn’t out of the woods yet, his eye pressure is improving and the doctors are optimistic that his full vision will return.

We are thankful!

Meanwhile, back home on the farm, Bill has been quite bored. I am trying to keep him out of trouble but as a dairy farmer, he is used to being up and about, working with the animals, and doing chores. To say that he is having a tough time sitting idle would be a bit of an understatement. He is not yet able to read or watch TV, so we went to the library and got some books on tape and that is helping pass the time. Since he has been down, I have picked up many of his chores on the farm, including mixing the feed rations. Though I have watched him prep the rations plenty of times, doing it myself wasn’t quite the same. With some good verbal directions from Bill, I eventually got it the way he wanted it and I even got some minerals ordered!! I am happy that I can be his eyes and hopeful that each day will bring continued improvement. This is good reminder that life can change in an instant and that we can never be too cautious and safe while milking those cows!!!!

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