Up Hills and Over Dales

A Running Farmer

Daniel McKee is a dairy farmer. Along with his immediate family, he farms with his Brother, Father, and Uncle in Tridell UT. (In case you aren’t familiar with Tridell, it is in the eastern part of Utah, just outside Vernal, and IT GETS CHILLY!) On the morning of Debbie’s visit in early December, temps hovered in the single digits. But the cold doesn’t stop Daniel. In addition to milking 550 cows, raising 200 head of beef cattle, and growing alfalfa, corn silage, barley, and grass hay in the spring, summer, and fall, Daniel is a runner.  Armed with his GPS watch, Daniel trains “up hills and over dales” in the beautiful area surrounding his farm. Daniel keeps track of his training metrics – date, speed, elevation, distance – as he trains for marathons, half marathons, and now triathlons. As a fellow runner, it was fun listening to Daniel talk about how much he enjoys getting out for a run and other runners will understand the paradoxical thrill of a pounding heart, peaceful scenery, and some sore legs.

Running Scenery

Up Hills and Over Dales


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