Time for a Facelift

What A View – Robert’s Dairy Beaver, UT

David, Don and their father Gordon are partners, and together they farm Roberts Dairy, Inc. In 1970, Gordon started the dairy with just 60 cows. Time, growth and improvements mean that its time for a facelift, and the family is in the process of remodeling their milking parlor. The milk parlor is structured to milk cows in a double 12-Harringbone fashion, which means that the cows line up in a V-shape side-by-side facing away from each other. This parlor-style is popular in the US due to the cows’ position and the ease of milking for the farmer.

Source: Reinemann, 2003 https://milkquality.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/milking-parlor-types.pdf

The new parlor will keep this arrangement but update the look and feel of the barn, making it more comfortable for the cows. The Roberts have enjoyed working with the land and the animals on their farm in Beaver, UT and David says,

“Dairying has been a great experience.

It is rewarding to grow and expand and improve genetics.” 

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