Handmade Chocolates…A Christmas Tradition

Shanna’s Christmas Chocolates

As a little girl, Shanna Gibbons remembers going to visit her Grandmother as she hand dipped chocolates for the Bluebird Candy Company and Restaurant in Logan, UT. “It smelled so good,” she recalls of the room in the back of the restaurant where the  gourmet chocolates were made. Shanna’s Grandmother passed on the tradition and patiently taught her kids and grandkids how to make the fondant-centers, melt the chocolate, and dip the candies to make beautiful, decadent treats. This year, with the help of her dairy-farmer husband, Mark (yes, Mark helps keep the chocolate warm, shuttle trays around, and keep Shanna company as she spends two days in the kitchen), Shanna made over 100 lbs of hand dipped chocolate candy to continue her Grandmother’s tradition. Shanna experimented with her flavors this year creating orange, carmel, raspberry, cherry pecan, and black walnut centers. And to top it off, she made mint and orange truffles. For 37 years, Shanna has kept this tradition alive in her family and will one day pass it off to her daughters and granddaughters.

Handmade Centers

Shanna and Mark Gibbons

 In addition to being a wonderful wife, mother, and friend, Shanna is an excellent baker, cook, canner, and crafter…She shared a recipe for Apple Streusel earlier this year.

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